General Party Information

• All parties are booked for two hours, for a MINIMUM of 12 guests

• All parties are booked back-to-back on the odd-hour beginning at


• We only book one party at a time

• No outside food is permitted, except for birthday cakes

• For all food inquiries, contact our cafe at (610) 834-0845

Mini golf shot
Chippers Cafe Outdoor

• Typically, when the children show up they want to play miniature

    golf right away. Pizza and cake is usually served forty-five minutes

    into the party, then the children go back out to play.

• Parties must be booked in advance. Call as soon as possible for


• A $100.00 deposit is required to book the date and time of your

   event. Your deposit is applied to the final cost of your party, and is

   non-refundable, except in the event of rain

• You may choose to schedule a raindate in advance. We will schedule

    your raindate to be held after 4:00PM any day between Monday

    though Thursday, at no additional charge. If you want a weekend

    raindate, an additional $75.00 raindate booking fee is due at the

    time of your booking, and is NOT refundable and NOT applied to the
    final cost of your party.

STANDARD  Party Package includes:

 • Two-hour, reserved exclusive use of our party gazebo and area

 • Private party host or hostess service (host/ess gratuities are

     NOT included)

 • Unlimited miniature golf during your two-hour party

 • Unlimited fountain drinks and popcorn

 • One slice of pizza per guest

 • Paper products and plasticware

 • Set-up and clean-up


STANDARD-PLUS Party Package includes:

 • All STANDARD party inclusives

 • Two batting cage tokens (40 pitches), including the use of bats,

     helmets for each guest

PREMIUM Party Package includes:

• All STANDARD party inclusives

• One batting cage token, including the use of bats, helmets for each guest

• One medium bucket of range balls, including the use of golf clubs for each guest


Party Package Price List


Standard Package (12 guest minimum): $15.95/person

Standard-Plus Package (12 guest minimum): $17.95/person

Premium Package (12 guest minimum): $20.95/person

Party Package Add-Ons Price List

Fresh hot pizza (16")                                                                            $17.95/pizza

Fresh hot pizza (16"w/one topping)                                                       $20.95/pizza

Gourmet pizza (16")                                                                            $22.95/pizza

Nathan's all-beef hot dogs                                                                     $2.00/hot dog

Soft-serve Ice Cream                                                                               $3.00/cone or cup
Water Ice                                                                                                 $2.75
Batting Token (20 pitches)
$2.50 each
Medium Bucket (45 balls)


Chippers Cafe - In addition to the above items Chipper's offers other menu items for your party including water ice, soft pretzels, ice cream bars, nachos, and other beverages, including bottled spring water, etc.


If you are interested is booking your party with us call (610) 834-0845 or fill out the e-mail form on our Contact Us page.

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